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How it works

Decide on a Certification Level

Please get familiar with our guide and certification criteria and decide which certification level would work best for you. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us through the Contact Us form. Our representative will answer all your questions and will help to understand the criteria in more detail.

Place an order and pay the certification fee

When you are ready to proceed, go to the Certification page, place the order, and pay the certification fee. Our representative will contact you and advise on the next steps.

Audit Date

​A TopPlacer auditor will visit your restaurant any day and any time within 2 weeks from the date of certification fee payment.  Our team member will arrive and start an assessment as a mystery guest. Thus we never disclose the exact day, time, or the person who will conduct the audit.

Certification audit

A TopPlacer auditor starts the certification audit as a mystery guest. They will visit your restaurant, place an order, and try to assess as many criteria as possible without attracting attention. When the first part of the assessment is done, the auditor will reveal their role. Of course, it’s not possible to assess back-of-house issues as a mystery guest, thus your cooperation and assistance will be needed. In order to complete the assessment, the auditor will need to do the following:

  • Run a quick 10-15 minute interview with a few random staff members.

  • Observe how your personnel operate in normal business flow (waiters, cashier, chefs, etc). We try not to interrupt employees and make our presence as unnoticeable as possible. 

  • Interview the restaurant manager or their designated person.

Report preparation

​Once the assessment is complete, we will prepare a detailed report. The report will show the compliance level as well as auditor comments and observations.


​If the certification criteria are met, you will receive our “TopPlacer Award” marketing package. It includes a Certificate of Excellence, door/windows stickers, and digital stickers and certificate to use on your website or your profile on food delivery service websites.

If an auditor finds some nonconformities there may be the following outcomes:

  • You may still be certified if deviations are not numerous and don’t affect food safety or client satisfaction.

  • You may be granted a lower level award ( i.e. Silver or Bronze) if the requirements for lower level certification have been met.

  • You may be offered the chance to improve some aspects and be re-assessed.

  • You may fail certification if deviations are numerous or affect food safety and client satisfaction.

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