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  1. How can a TopPlacer award help my business?

A TopPlacer award will let customers know that your restaurant delivers quality food, treats customers fairly, and follows the best industry practices.  Numerous studies indicate that customers are more likely to pick award-winning restaurants over their non-recognized competitors. 


Obtaining business awards will help you to attract more clients, stand out from the crowd, and increase brand awareness. This increased awareness doesn’t only apply to the customers. You’ll also receive more attention from suppliers, vendors, and investors.


2. What will I get upon successful certification?


Upon successful certification, you will receive a detailed report, suggestions for improvements, and a TopPlacer Marketing Package. The package includes:

3. How can I use the TopPlacer award to promote my business and attract more guests?

Award-winning restaurants frequently highlight their certifications as much as possible — whether it’s on menus, on websites or simply on the entrance door. We recommend using the TopPlacer Award label in highly visible places. For example, you can add a picture of the TopPlacer Award on your profile on food delivery services or on a menu. This could persuade the customer to make a choice in your favor. In some cases, an award can even do a great deal more for a business than paid promotions can because it’s a more natural method of advertising.



4. Is THE certification expensive?

Not at all! Our goal is to keep the price as minimal as possible in order to allow more restaurants to get certified. Our Gold Certification costs less than a cup of coffee a day. By investing less than three dollars a day, you are receiving an excellent tool to boost your brand awareness and attract more guests.


5. Where IS the TopPlacer certification available?


The TopPlacer award is currently available in Canada and the USA. Very soon, we are planning to roll out a certification program in Europe. Feel free to Contact Us if you want to get certified and you are located outside the North America region. We will come up with a custom solution for you.


6. What are the certification criteria?


The criteria in the TopPlacer guide are based on multiple sources of information: 

  • best industry practices 

  • customer feedback

  • reviews and complaints

  • national food safety codes and recommendations

  • input from restaurant owners and managers

We built the TopPlacer guide on a balance of customers’ and restaurant managers’ interests. We tried to make it country and culture neutral and included only key elements that are universal and applicable to everybody.

7. How does TopPlacer inspection differ from government inspection?

Even though you can find some similarities between TopPlacer and government inspections, they are actually completely different and pursue different goals. Government inspection usually focuses on the minimal safety aspect. TopPlacer inspection assesses your business from a customer satisfaction point of view and includes such frequently overlooked aspects as communication, expectation management, digital presence, and process management. 


Another difference is the way certification is conducted. ​Unlike regulatory audits, when the audit date is known and the restaurants are well-prepared for it, our auditors come as a mystery guest and without advanced notice.  This allows us to assess the real level of service that an ordinary customer can get.


8. Will I fail the certification If I don’t meet some criteria?


The ultimate goal is to comply with all criteria. At the same time, we understand that it may be challenging, and some practices require time to implement. An auditor will assess all deviations and make a decision in each case individually. Although it’s possible to be certified with some minor deviations, we do not tolerate any major nonconformities that could affect either food safety or client satisfaction.

If an auditor finds some nonconformities there may be the following outcomes:

  • You may still be certified if deviations are not numerous and don’t affect food safety or client satisfaction.

  • You may be granted a lower level award (i.e Silver or Bronze) if the requirements for lower level certification have been met.

  • You may be offered the chance to improve some aspects and be re-assessed. 

  • You may fail certification if deviations are numerous or affect food safety and clients satisfaction.

We assess every case individually and provide a comprehensive report upon audit completion

9. Does my TopPlacer certificate expire?

The TopPlacer Award is valid for 2 years. This allows us to make sure that all certified restaurants are able to maintain a high level of service over time.

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