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TopPlacer is a new international restaurant award designed to help restaurant owners to boost their business, stand out from the crowd, and attract more customers. We aim to protect customers and give them confidence that when they come to the restaurant they will not be disappointed in their expectations. Today, there is no widely spread award or recognition for restaurants that reflects real customers’ needs and expectations.

​Existing certifications are usually divided into mandatory state inspections that check the basic minimum requirements or high-end awards that are granted to a relatively small number of restaurants. For an ordinary customer, these are usually not very useful. Mandatory government audits only establish the minimum acceptable performance, without which the restaurant cannot even operate. Restaurants marked with a high-end award are few in number and may not be available in your city.

TopPlacer is designed to give a real and meaningful assessment to most restaurants in your city. The TopPlacer Award emblem is an indicator that the restaurant successfully meets the key expectations that people have. Numerous studies indicate that customers are more likely to pick award-winning restaurants over their non-recognized competitors. Obtaining business awards can help you to convey your quality focus and draw more attention to your restaurant. This increased awareness doesn’t only apply to the customers. You’ll also receive more attention from suppliers, vendors, and investors.

Advertisement and promotion are important for any type of business, and customers tend to rely on promotions and marketing messages that restaurants transmit when choosing where to dine or order food. Quite often advertising transmits a message based on exaggerated promises, altered meal photos, or misleading menu item names. We pay special attention to whether the restaurant can satisfy the expectations that they form through their advertising messages and images.

In addition to such standards as cleanliness, food safety and management, TopPlacer pays special attention to how much a restaurant’s advertising corresponds to reality, how much the menu and photos correspond to the ordered meal. This helps to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and retention.

​Unlike regulatory audits, when the audit date is known and the restaurants are well-prepared for it, our auditors come as a mystery guest and without advanced notice. We try to check the maximum number of criteria while remaining unnoticed. Thus, our certification evaluates the real level of service that an ordinary customer can get on a regular day.

​The certification is based on our TopPlacer Guide and includes three certification levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. This guide is developed based on best practices from industry leaders, customer reviews and feedback, and elements of food safety codes.

Review The TopPlacer Guide and choose which Award you deserve. Our representatives are here to answer all your questions and assist with the certification process. Feel free to get in touch with us using the Contact Us form below.

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